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Monzambano, hilly landscape, climate and vegetation present lake.
Here begins the gentle walk along the valley and that leads to Mantua and the Po Olivesand cypresses are seen among the vineyards, making the landscape a special beauty.The ancient village of Monzambano, on a hill about 90 meters high, is announced with towers and walls of an ancient castle. The castle, which stands on the country, yet as in the twelfth century, when it was built. The church, together with the castle offers a splendid view, was built between 1743 and 1777. Built on the edge of the plateau, its baroque style gives the landscape a slight harmony. Fine marble inlay and the altar piece,representing the triumph of St. Michael is dedicated to make it especially valuable.Agriculture, together with the vineyards, is the main resource of the country, conducted with modest resources of an arid and rocky. Among the manifestations of tourist interestis the Grape Festival, the third Sunday of September. This is a festival very crowded, with many stalls selling grapes. They play a conference side events such as exhibitions in wine and grape processing systems.

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